Custom Domain with Alias Help

Hello All,
This is my first post!

I have a custom domain and I’m having issues reaching different services on my Synology if I try using an alias such as

I have port forwarding enabled on my NETGEAR router. I have a static IP address as well…

I’m not what I’m doing wrong but If I enter (port number), I’m directed to the proper log in page. However, if I type in the alias such as /files, I’m getting a page not found error.

Please help.

Your router, or any router, forwards port numbers, not aliases.

I understand that. This is why I posed the question on the Synology forum. I am not sure what settings I need to do on the Synology so the alias works instead of me needing to remember the port numbers.

You should be able to manage this with reverse proxy, where is forwarded to http://device_IP:port/files/

Not knowing your actual paths, I’m filling in some guesses.

I use port numbers for many applications. However, since I made for each URL with port number a favorite in my browser, I do not have to remember any of them.