Data file for a program slow

I have one file that is a data file for almost all of the computers in my office. This programs has been running very slow. How do I prioritize that file so it will run the program faster? I tried moving the file to another computer and it made everything so much faster but I really would like to keep it on my nas.

Check where your bottleneck is

  • latency of physical drive
  • network throughput
  • network protoko─║l
  • nas performance(ram?)

The system monitor shows you the read/write speed of the drives and volume where the file is located. For a 1Gb connection (also for 1Gb bond) the max network speed is about 110Mb/s. If the monitor shows values in the ball park of 50-80Mb/s then network is not the problem.

Still in the system monitor check the memory page. The swap file utilization should be 0%. If significantly higher you need additional ram.

Network protokoll is a game changer. In the log center is a filter that shows how the clients connect to the nas. Gold standard is smb3. Will has a yt video that shows how to max your diskstations performance.

Latency lof drives depend on file system (go for brtfs), drive type (2-3 ssd for speed) and raid type (go for shr1)