Digital Picture Frame that can show pictures from a Synology folder?

I wanted to convert an old iPad into a digital picture frame and have it pull pictures off my Synology. Anyone come up with some easy solutions for this? I came across an app that can do this but requires setting up WebDAV. Are there any security risks/implications of WebDAV? These are the steps required:

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So WebDAV is pretty secure overall, so I would not worry about it too much. What I would do is create an account on the NAS for it that only has access to WebDAV, and the photo folder, read only.

The next question is going to depend heavily on the setup of your picture frame. If your picture frame is able to just work locally on your network then you would not need to expose any ports to the internet for WebDAV. This would be ideal. In your setup of the picture frame just input the local IP of the NAS, and the appropriate port.

The next hiccup you could run into is your SSL certificate. If you are doing this locally, you are not going to have a signed SSL certificate for the local subnet, and getting one is going to be a huge pain and not worth it. From here what you do next is up to how the frame works. If the frame has an option to ‘ignore SSL certificate’ or something like that you can use the HTTPS version of WebDAV. If it does not, and it keeps throwing errors every time a certificate changes, you probably would just use HTTP not HTTPS. You dont really need to worry about someone breaking into your network, and packet capturing your photos, you are displaying them publicly!

What I did was created a account for my tablet and gave it access to synology photos as read only. This way I download the synology photos app and see all of the photos and it plays in slideshow. Works great, need to hit slideshow again when it gets to the end after a couple of days.

That is actually what I wanted to do as well, but unfortunately I’m trying to do this on an iPad 2 and the Synology photos app isn’t supported on that version :frowning:

You probably could get a app that plays DLNA photos and use that!

Interesting, do you mean to say that this type of app could potentially access Photo Albums in Synology Photos?

Yeah, not directly through Synology Photos though. Instead you can use DLNA, which is an open standard that lets you share photo / video / music to a TV or something.