Directory Structure Question

I want to be sure that I am using the correct directory structure on my Synology.

I have one non-Administrator account, for a friend with remote access. It appears to be correct.

But my account has Administrator permissions, and what I see in File Station at the top level are:

  • home
  • homes
  • MyAccountName
  • Time Machine Backup
  • usbshare1

The “home” directory contains my files.
The “homes” directory contains three home directories, which seems correct.
The “MyAccountName” directory contains only #recycle

Is this correct? The placement of the #recycle seems odd to me.

First, let’s rephrase the question using Synology terminology. You have shared folders, which you listed in bullet points in your post. Now everybody here understands. No offense.
The homes shared folder is there because you enabled the User Home service. Each user will get a home folder, which not a real shared folder but a link. Never mind. This is okay. One tip. Make your homes shared folder invisible for users because it is confusing them. You can do this in Control Panel > Shared Folder.
The MyAccountName shared folder is what you created somewhere in the past. Perhaps before you enabled the User Home service a.k.a. the homes shared folder. You can delete it in Control Panel if you do not need it.
Hopefully, you made a non-admin account for yourself too. You use that for everyday tasks with data on the NAS, like every other mortal being. Reserve the administrator account for management task exclusively.

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Thank you. That makes things clear.

I will correct this by creating a new Admin account (since my “admin” account is disabled, of course) and then I will change the MyAccountName account to be a non-Admin user. And I deleted the unnecessary folder.

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