Disable "homes" for some users

In additions to user accounts for actual people, I create a user account for each of my Docker containers. Each “Docker” user’s access is limited to the persistent folder associated with its container and any shared folders to which it needs access. The container also runs as this user.

Obviously these types of users do not need a home directory. Is there any way to disable “homes” for just these users? It would be great if I could eliminate all of the unnecessary “homes” user folders.

No, you can not prevent the creation of a user’s home folder. You can, however, give the user ‘no access’ to the /homes shared folder.
In addition, and that is what I do, I deny any Application privilege that it does not need.

Really wish that there was this ability!

Home can really through some users off, so a lot of the time I really wish I could only enable it for a few people specifically