Diskstation migration


I want to migrate everything from a DS715 2-bay to my new DS923+ 4-bay.

I am wondering if it would work just moving the drives from my old nas to my new nas.

I would like to do it this way:

Move the drives from old nas to new nas.
On the new nas, upgrade to DSM 7.2
Do a full system backup with Hyper Backup.
Remove the two old drives and replace them with four new drives.
Setup a new storage pool as RAID0 and create a BTRFS volume.
Restore the full system backup created in the third step to the new volume.

My current volume is EXT4 but I want to use BTRFS on the new nas. The RAID type is the same, RAID0.

What you propose should work. Recognize that Hyper Backup supports a limited set of app packages. For example, you’ll need to manually restore Plex and other 3rd-party packages.

Also, know that in a RAID 0 array, btrfs does not provide file “integrity” or “healing”, but rather common scrubbing as you now have with ext4.

Finally, be sure that your current backup is up-to-date before moving the drives. Enjoy your new unit.


I might use raid 5 instead. Would that work with file integrity and healing? I guess file integrity and healing is the extra layer of data protection that is set for shared folders?

About the full system backup in Hyper Backup. I thought full system backup was supposed to make a true backup image of the whole volume. Like bit for bit.

The Btrfs file system is able to auto-detect corrupted files, and recover broken data using the following RAID volumes, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, F1, and SHR.

On supported models, Hyper Backup allows you to back up your entire Synology NAS, including system configurations, packages, and user data, to other networked Synology NAS devices or C2 Storage (Advanced Plan required).

The destination NAS requires Hyper Backup Vault 4.1.0-3425 or later. AFAIK, that is not compatible with your DS715.

Thank you for your help.

I have an advanced plan for C2. I will have to consider what to use, C2 or abother nas for backup. I’ll have to use regular hyper backup as for the time being.

Do you know if there is something more except certain packages that is not backed up with regular backup?

Since there is no support for full system backup on my old nas, it’s unneccesary to move the old drives to the new nas. My idea was to do that to be able to do a backup from which I could restore the system to the new drives but since I already have a regular backup, I could just install the new drives directly and restore everything from the existing backup. Just that I have to move some things over manually.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, so I’m sure Hyper Backup has improved, but I recall losing my firewall settings, WebDAV and reverse proxy configuration, and random others. After restore, step through all your control panel settings to ensure they are correct. Let us know how this turns out for you!

I think I will start all over setting it up from scratch so I’ll get everything right. Then just chose what to restore from backup.

I’ll transfer things over little by little, both manually and from backup.

Don’t forget to use it to restore the Configuration Backup, as it includes important configuration data of your NAS, like users and shared folders.