Do you guys have a discord server at SpaceRex?

Do you guys have a discord server if so, that will be so cool if you guys had you own discord server for SpaceRex

Because SpaceRex is one of the coolest connect in videos and I really thank if SpaceRex had a discord server will be so awesome to have I know a lot of people will joint it because I thank SpaceRex videos are so cool to watch :smile: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

If you guys have your own SPACEREX Discord server for us to chat in will be cool Iā€™m a big fan of your videos on YouTube it will be really cool if you guys had one will for sure join it. please hope someday that SPACEREX will have a discord server for us to use to chat in have fun !

There is already a discord server

Thank you sir i appreciate that . will be join soon. SpaceRex videos are cool to watch really enjoy them

FYI I have really not logged into this in a long time.

Trying to move the stuff over here where its easier to keep up with!


will you still keep the Discord open or will you close it after you move the stuff over where it is easier to keep up with it ?

Not sure yet. I was planning on closing it, but if people say they want to keep it I am fine leaving it open.

I just really never got into the habit of being able to use it.

My biggest issue with it was the fact that things were not searchable. So if someone had an issue, and I added the solution, in 2 months that would be lost if someone else had the same issue. Here on the forum you can see the whole history!