Does anyone know of a release upcoming for the DS118?

I am planning to buy a basic Synology NAS such as the DS118 to learn how to use Synology DSM for an eventual upgrade to a 4 or 5 bay model. Does anyone know after recent Taiwan tech conference if an ‘upgraded’ DS118 is due soon? (i.e. That’s almost 5 years now since the 118 was launched).

If you are looking for a really basic unit I would actually look at picking up something off of ebay.

Something like the DS220+ or DS720+ would have all the features to tinker with. Though the 218 and 718 should work just as well, just a bit older

Many thanks Will and Katie, I appreciate your advice! :slight_smile: I’ll do some research. Sending sunny greetings from Bonnie Scotland to you & family! :pray: :+1: