Don't know how to share personal photo library?

Hi there. I have 923+ for almost year now and still have problems in configurations. From day one I have feeling that DSM is too complicated and overwhelming for me. I can tell that it is loaded with features but how to set up desired tasks are overwhelming. I also encountered situations where Q&A and other help docs on Synology site simply do not describe what I see on the screen?!
I have 5 users + master access configured. Admin is disabled as advised. 3 of the users are family members (me and my children) and 2 users are our programmers that use NAS instead of Dropbox which I cancelled.
I have all family photos under my account. All 30000 of them. I would simply want to give my children full access to those photos so they can see whatever is there.
It doesn’t work for me, even that I enabled access under users access matrix.

Hi, you should follow this step by step guide :slight_smile:

In summary : Give them access to the Synology Application, create a group called family and inside the Shared Space tab inside the Synology photos app, give them full access.

You will end up with a private home/photos and a shared library called /photos at the root of your shared folder.

That’s about it :stuck_out_tongue:

There are two possible scenarios.

If you enabled the User Home service in Control Panel, Synology Photos uses the Personal Space. Your images are stored in your /home/Photos. You can create albums with images and share these albums with the kids. They will find these photos in their Personal Space.

If you enabled Shared Space in Synology Photos and saved your images in the /photo shared folder, give the children access to selected folders from Synology Photos to access the photos.

It boils down to whether you use Personal Space or Shared Space and take it from there.
And as already mentioned, give the users access to the Synology Photos application in Control Panel > Application Privileges.