Double your speed video

Hi Will,

Great video as usual. My planned setup is different than what you demonstrated and want to know if it would benefit from the SMB bundling.

My notebook has 2,5 GB ethernet.
My NAS is a DS1621 running DSM 7.2 RC.

I would like to add a QNAP QSW-2104-2T 10GB/2.5GB switch to the mix.

If I run 2 ethernet cables from the Synology to the switch, will I benefit from faster transfer speeds?


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I have DS220+ with two 1Gbit ports. I have made bond connection and tested file transfer to PC an othe NAS - 2Gbit was sent from DS220+ to router and then 1 Gbit to each receiving decice (PC/other NAS).
So probably you can do the same and have faster transfer speeds as you plan.

Thanks but I don’t believe that is an apple to apples comparison. Are you running DSM 7.2? I am looking at getting the 2 gigabit/s speed at a single device.

I’m currently at the newewst DSM available for DS220+ and DS420j - so it’s 7.1.1 update 5…
I’m not playing with any betas or relase candidate.

Yes - this is different scenario but I just cannot test in different way if DS220+ provide more than 1Gbit as all my other devices are 1Gbit (router, laptops LAN etc).

I can try one more test with WIFI 6 - both laptop and smartfone sometimes connect as 2400Mbps so in theory I can have NAS → 2Gbit → router → (more than 1Gbits) → laptop or smartphone.
I will test later if I can get more than 1Gbit of real transfer as now my NAS has heavy load.