Download station logs

Is it possible to setup a log for download station?

What was downloaded, when, by whom, etc?


After doing some googling it does not seem like there is any place that Download Station actually logs that kind of information, someone else may have better info though!

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Thanks for the help, Will. I started trying to find out what was downloading files that weren’t handled by me. At end I found out I had a docker - qbittorrent container running and it was contaminated downloading viruses into the NAS.

Oooffff that is rough! What happened?

I wanted to download some files via p2p, but the tracker was denying me access via download station. I sought out an alternative and found a linux qbittorrent container. The tracker was good with this container and used it for 3 months. On 04/02/23 I noticed some folders with .exe files in it (EG adobe reader, photoshop, microsoft windows, Power DVD, and some others) were appearing in my P2P destination folder in the NAS so I wanted to try and figure out where they were coming from. By chance I remembered I had that container running and when I looked at it, it had all these files being seeded to over 700 people. Pretty sad that container is no longer viable (Docker)


Did you have the port for the container publicly exposed? That looks like a pretty legit container.

What may have happened is you opened it up to the internet and someone password guessed their way in

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It had a custom password, but default user. The password was pretty easy to bruteforce, so I agree with you.

I would almost certainly assume that’s what happened. They probably setup a bot to scan the web finding services they can brute force. Then using that to host malware torrents

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