Drobo Migrator with Synology Questions?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been a longtime user of Drobo DAS RAID Systems. I started using them back when they released their very first generation Drobo 4-Bay USB enclosure as I had previously lost and entire trip’s worth of photos to a drive failure. (I was lucky and it was a business trip I repeated so other than season I just did the excursions over again).

And I am currently running a Drobo 5D and also still the Gen 1 but with their demise and realising that while the units I have a somewhat robust (need some wood to knock on) its not going to be long before we start to encounter issues.

I have been considering moving to Synology for a while now and would be looking to use BTRF / SHR-2 which would sort of mimic how I have used my Drobos to date. I am aware there’s more setup and I need to make sure things like the Data Maintenance is turned on etc based on the SpaceRex videos.

But, I was a bit disappointed to not see any new hardware from them in the new year. I am considering either the DS1522+ or DS1621+ but thought maybe the DS1624+ would be announced.

Should I be concerned by this situation?

I know given my data storage approach (my Drobos are both cloned on an hourly basis to a non-RAID drive) that I can probably continue to run the gauntlet on the Drobos for the time being.

My preference would really be DAS but I can live with NAS. Is there anything else I should be considering around this?

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Should I be concerned by this situation?
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