DS 1522+ Third Party Nvme Support

Hi there,

I’m a freelance 3d designer and motion designer as well and i’m in need of a reliable backup solution and to be able to work of the NAS directly

I’m gonna go with the DS1522+ and the Synology E10G22-T1-Mini with a couple of Toshiba MG09ACA 18TB HDD for starters

My question is, is it possible to populate the Nvme slots with other drives than the Synology ones? I know that on their site they list only these ssds…

Will I have a problem otherwise? Can I go past the 800gb option that they offer?

Yes you can put in third party NVMe’s. It will throw a warning, but thats really it. I would only set them up as a read only SSD cache.

Awesome! So I could go past the 800gb option; 1tb or 2tb for example? Because you’ll find much cheaper options. I would only use them for cache beacuse I think ds1522+ only supports them for caching and not storage pool? Isn’t that so?

Yes that is true. Synology only supports (through the UI) SSD volumes with Synology NVMe’s

For caching generally 1 TB will be enough

Thanks a lot for your expertise!
I really appreciate the help…