DS Factory Reset: Can Hyper Backup - Azure Storage Account Recover Data?

I need to update a customer’s older Disk Station, currently running version 6 of its OS. They are an engineering firm required to provide files as evidence in court if necessary. We utilize Hyper Backup, storing backups on an Azure Storage Account. If the upgrade causes the Disk Station to malfunction and requires a factory reset, would I still be able to configure Hyper Backup on the reset Disk Station to restore data from the Azure storage account? While I anticipate the upgrade to proceed smoothly, I need assurance that in case of failure, I can retrieve their data. Appreciate any assistance on this!!

@Will, Any thoughts here? Thanks!

You should be able to restore the DiskStation from Azure Storage. Check that the backup with Hyper Backup includes applications and all folders. Do a restore test.

Another tip is to create a second backup. If the upgrade fails, you will only have one copy left. If the amount of data allows, this could be an external disk.