DS1522+ Ethernet Ports Not working

I’ve set up my new NAS and restored all my files from my backup external drive. All is good. Currently, I have the NAS connected to one of my comcast router ethernet ports. The 2nd router ethernet port (last one) is connected to my Windows 10 desktop computer. The desktop has access to the NAS just fine, as does a wifi connected desktop.

I thought, perhaps mistakenly, that the other ethernet ports on my NAS would be available for other devices - like another desktop computer, printer, or my Eufy security camera base unit.

I unplugged my desktop ethernet cable from the router and plugged it into one of my new NAS ethernet ports and I’m unable to access the internet from the desktop. My Windows 10 desktop says that I’m connected to an unknown network.

I’m assuming that the NAS can’t act as a router?
I’m not understanding something here, obviously, can someone help me learn how best to use those new NAS ports? What are they typically used for? thx

Imagine a business environment with multiple network segments. Each segment can connect to one of the ports on your NAS.
In a home setup with a single network, use it as you did with all devices connected to your internet router.

I know little about IT networks, but I think I get the gist of what you’re saying about segments.

I think I need to either upgrade my modem (get rid of the comcast modem) or buy a ethernet switch to get me more connections. Thanks Paul.