DS1821+ NVME Pool vs Cache

I’m installing a DS1821+ with two NVME drives. While I understand the difference between a cache and a pool, I’m a fuzzy on which would be more beneficial and why. I’ve done a bunch of searches, but haven’t found anyone discussing it yet. I don’t need the space, so this is a performance issue. And what would be the best way to configure it, if I can even do that — I haven’t yet booted the NAS yet, so I’m not sure what I’ll find once I get into it.

Also, does anyone know if there’s a way around the 108Tb volume size on the DS1821+? Will the volume limit even matter?


What is the maximum single volume size of my Synology NAS? - Synology Knowledge Center.

It depends what you’re wanting to use it for. Cache drives are better for file servers sharing the same files a lot as it greatly speeds it up in the SSD Cache whereas an NVMe Storage Pool are more for VMM as you’ll get NVMe performance on the VMs then.

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That link only tells me what I already knew, not how to deal with it.

So if I was going to run a bunch of Docker containers, a pool would be better. Can I use a pool for cache as well? I plan to morrow the two NVME drives; could I set it up to do both?