DS1821+ to replace DS920+?

I have a DS920+ with 4 18TB Drives that soon is full. It’s mostly a nas serving Plex and some documents.

I´m looking for a replacement NAS with the option to expand with more drives instead of replacing atleast 2 of them in the old unit. So i would like to move the old drives and add som new for more space.

I’m looking at the DS1821+, i’ve guess it has all the same functuallity as the 920+ but with alot more expandle space?

So what model would be the best option to buy?


The DS1821+ will be pretty much a perfect unit for you. The only down side would be specifically if you are running HW transcoding on Plex.

Thanks! I have one encrypted folder on the 920, any issues when swapping NAS?

Or is it just to unmount the folder in the 920, remove the HDDs and put them in the new NAS do the setup/migration and then mount it with the old password/key?