DS220j interaction with Orange (France) TV Decoder UHD 4K

Network Structure:
I have a Synology DS220j NAS (which I’m delighted with) and also an Orange (France) Livebox5 Fibre Installation which connects via the house cat5e structured cabling network to the Orange provided UHD 4K Decoder (and a Samsung smart TV on the same link), accessed via a data switch connected to the Livebox5 and through a cat5e “Y” lead to both the the Samsung smart TV and the decoder. The UHD decoder connects to the TV via HDMI. The cat5e link between the two rooms checks out using a continuity cable tester.
The Problem:
After a hard reboot of the decoder (on/off switch) the menu which accesses the Media Server on the decoder is fully available and recognises the Synology NAS and will play content stored in the video share. However, after a while (there is no obvious event which occurs to change this) the NAS is no longer recognised by the decoder and is unavailable. After a hard reboot (as before) the NAS is once again recognised as it should be by the decoder media centre option.
This is not an unknown issue. This resource from the Orange Forum (apologies - its in French, as you would expect but will translate with Google or Deepl as per your preference) indicates that the issue is troublesome for others with a Synology NAS and the advice contained in the 6th suggestion posted from the response by Synology has been undertaken vis (translated):

“6) Change the value of the SSDP (Multimedia Server - SSDP Publishing Interval). The smaller the value is, the more the NAS will re-declared on the network”

I have set the value to 60 (seconds)

but this has had no significant effect and has not altered the persistence of the presence of the NAS nor it’s ability to be selected within the decoder media server menu.

The conundrum is whether this is a Synology issue or an Orange decoder one. Since this has been going for some time (July 2020 was the first post in the Orange Forum) it is difficult to decide which hence the post here as a more independent view may be forthcoming with helpful suggestions as to how to approach this from now, going forward.
I guess I could just ignore the ability to select the media centre option in the decoder and continue to use the smart TV app to access the NAS as before but that seems somewhat defeatist - besides, since I do not now (need to) use any of the other apps on the smart TV (eg Netflix) as they too are available from the decoder I could be persuaded just to forego the cat5e link to the TV entirely and perform everything through the decoder.
I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions.

The fact that rebooting the decoder is what fixes to me makes it seem like it may be a decoder issue.

When the decoder looses the NAS, does it ever find it again without the reboot?

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Thanks for the response @Will
I’ve made a slight change since posting in that I’ve taken the Y leads out of the equation and connected an RJ45 port on the Livebox (LB5) directly to the uplink to the decoder.
As for self re-establishing the link, I don’t think so. We left it overnight for ≈12 hours and when we checked it, there was again no connection available to the NAS so I think the answer to your question is no.
I’ll check it again in a couple of hours whilst the decoder is on but in standby to see if the connection has persisted since these changes and then later after using something like Netflix (after which is where it failed yesterday).
Do you see any issue with setting the SSDP value to as low as 60?

Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with this to really help. But the fact that the connection never came back to me seems like a different issue!

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Interesting Will, thanks.
An update: The changes I made yesterday (remove Y leads & connect direct through the uplink to the Livebox as opposed to through the switch) appear as of this morning (08:00 CEST 14 April) to have persisted which does indeed suggest different issues.
I didn’t follow my own advice and only change one thing at a time so unable to confirm (for the benefit of others coming to this topic in the future) whether the Y leads, the switch or removing the link to the TV were the cause of the problem but for the moment, if it ain’t broke - don’t fix it!
I’ll see if it now persists but in the meantime, thanks for your helpful input :blush: