DS224+ (2-bay) I went to upgrade a disk and it displayed it was incompatible

I wanted to upgrade the capacity of my NAS from (2) 6gb to (2) 12gb. So I checked the compatibility list and saw Seagate IronWolf HHDs. I purchased the IronWolf Pro and clicked ‘repair’ after I inserted it and got this popup saying it’s incompatible. I proceeded and everything seems to be fine. It’s repairing with 10 hours left. I will do the same with the other drive when the first drive is done. Evidently I failed to see the fine print and should have just purchased the plain IronWolf. You figure the “Pro” version of IronWolf would be good enough?

Is this something I should worry about? What’s your guys’ experience with something like this?

You can ignore this “warning” for NAS and Enterprise rated drives. It’s not that the drive is “incompatible” (though there is a list for such), but rather that it has not been tested and found compatible.

Synology’s compatibility list generally includes outdated drive series which are either unavailable, or sold at an unreasonable price. Additionally, for a drive to be “compatible” it must match both the model number and the firmware release version. As it is nearly impossible to know the firmware version at the time of drive purchase, chasing Synology’s “compatibility list” drives is fraught with great frustration.

The only caveat is that you sjhould not mix CMR and SMR drives.