DS224+ vs DS723+ for home use, worth the 2.5GB ethernet port capability?

So I got tired of dropbox and bough a DS223. Set it up and worked great. Then felt I could use more processing power and a week later returned the 223 and bough a DS224+ which is way smoother. I use for myself as a replacement for Dropbox. my question is I do have SONIC FIBER 10GB internet and can use 2.5GB, 5gB etc. If I now decide to again upgrade to a DS723+ solely to access the 2.5GB port add on, and connect to my EERO7 2.5GB port will that increase the speed of my entire drive/file sharing network? (again using as a dropbox alternative mostly and 90% of time accessing files around my home but do access when outside the home. Dropbox was always crazy slow. Now speeds with DS224+ are quite good. But would 2.5GB make it even better? the 1gb ethernet is for sure my bottleneck but I’ve not seen a video to address this. I don’t do photos but do a bit of video transferring from my Macs but not much editing. I have the amazon gift card so the upcharge to DS723+ is not a huge deal thankfully. And I know I’ll have to buy the 2.5GB-10GB port. But ultimately will all that be worth it and will I see a speed increase in file sharing? and having an AMD processor vs INTEL sort of bothers me but I don’t think matters much in my use case. Thanks for your videos!

The DS723+ has much more going for it over the DS224+ than the 2.5GbE networking. For example, it allows expansion to 7 drives, and offers NVMe cache and storage pool capability., as well as a more powerful CPU.

Additionally, it supports 10 GbE networking !

I appreciate that but I’ll not need 7 drives. Will I notice improvement in speed if connected to 2.5 gb Ethernet ? Or I only notice an improvement in file transfer speed if my Mac is connected directly to the NAS high-speed Internet?

I expect a snappier file transfer over the 2.5Gbit connection than 1Gbit. Please be aware that you must buy the 10Gbit Ethernet add-on for the DS723+.