DS423+ or Synology DS923+

which should I choose from Synology DS423+ or Synology DS923+ I work with game development and music production

Those use cases seem like you’ll need some bandwidth. In addition, music libraries can grow quite big, especially orchestral libraries, never mind the project backups. I also plan on using my NAS/server for music/audio production eventually, and I’m looking at a minimum of 10GbE for the network plus iSCSI targets, so parts of the network storage can be mounted on macOS like a local volume for audio work.

Recording audio to a NAS should be fine even via 1GbE and HDDs, even with several tracks of 196kHz 24 bit, at least in terms of audio file size on paper (MB/s), but I fear that once you start loading tons of library files into a project on your client machine, it might not be sufficient. It would work, but could be slow.

So I think the best solution would be the DS923+, because you have an option for a 10GbE expansion card. In terms of storage, you might opt for SATA SSDs, but those are limited in storage size compared to HDDs, so here the DS923+ would also be the better option, because you can add 5 extra drives with the expansion unit.

PS (edit): I’d also look at an M.2 SSD cache. If you work on a music/audio project, you’ll probably be loading the same files (incl. small files, samples etc.) into your client DAW often over periods of time (project templates etc.), so a read cache would probably help you there. (But you’d have to calculate the speed of your Synology RAID against the read speed of your gen3 M.2 SSD to see if there are any benefits. A big SATA SSD RAID might not benefit from a single gen3 M.2.) Not sure about a read-write cache for sequential audio recordings. In terms of iSCSI, though, a write cache could be helpful, but I can only speak from what I’ve read about ZFS and TrueNAS: with iSCSI, you should have a SLOG instead of the standard ZIL, but a SLOG is not a “write cache”, so it might be different with a Synology.

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thanks for your help i bought a DS923+ with two Seagate IronWolf 3.5" internal hard drive for NAS 8TB. but now I’m struggling a bit can’t get the word pressure to work properly following the video to SPACEREX but that’s not different in the new 7.2 update


“Word Pressure?” Please clarify, never heard of it before.

Lol wordpress I have made a new thread under host