DS923+ 8GB (non-oficial) RAM recommendation

Hi everyone,

So, I have a DS923+ with 4GB of RAM and while it is running fine most of the time with my Docker containers, I guess everything could be more fluid (e.g. scrolling on Jellyfin while it is loading info / images).

Since the Linux OS uses free RAM as cache, I was looking to buy an extra stick of RAM. I was thinking of buying a 8GB of RAM which in total my system would then have 12 GB. Not sure if overkill, but still, I run a few containers.

I’ve actually searched on the Synology subreddit, but everyone is basically buying 16GB of RAM or maxing out the GB allowed for the RAM on the DS923+. So, that is the reason why I’m asking here.

I know that Kingston has some 8GB RAM sticks which should work with DS923+ but it seems they are blacklisted by Synology, so it seems you will always have a warning on the notification list which I wanted to avoid. :confused: But on that list (see here: Reddit - Dive into anything), it seems the 8GB RAM that Synology uses is sourced from Innodisk or Adata, so you shouldn’t get any warning there. Sadly, I can’t find them anywhere for sale. Even when I contacted the companies directly.

In conclusion, has anyone bought a 8GB RAM for the DS923+ which doesn’t give a DSM warning?

Thanks everyone in advance!


I didn’t get any warning with my Crucial RAM ( CT2K16G4SFRA32A) on my DS923+. I did put 2 16GB sticks in, so I’m even more overkill-prone that you were, but it only cost like $50 so it seemed silly not to max it out on a new unit.

NAS Compares has a more thorough listing too: https://nascompares.com/ram/synology-ds923-compatible-ram-upgrade/