DSM 6.2 End of life Announcement

Hey Synology Community,

Just received an email from Synology with a heads up on an important update regarding DSM. Starting October 1, 2024, DSM 6.2 and associated packages won’t receive any more updates, including security patches. Also, technical support for devices on DSM 6.2 will be more limited.

They’ve pointed out specific models that will be affected, so if you got the mail, make sure to check if your NAS is on the list. The email provides a detailed breakdown of recommended upgrade paths for different series.

I think it’s good that Synology is warning us, and from what I can understand, most of the devices are quite old, so I understand if they can’t maintain them anymore.

Make sure to read the email for all the details and to see if your NAS is affected. Here’s the link to the article: Synology Inc.

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This is a good time to download a copy of your DSM 6.2.4. And any packages you use.
They did this last year when dropping older NAS’s from the website causing havoc. And many forced to buy new NAS’s.

Good to know!

Its a pretty decent lifeline, but the one thing I do worry about is if they fully EOL it (and dont have the updates available) some people who have not updated in years may be completely unable to update due to it often requiring the latest DSM 6.2 update before allowing you to go to 7

Hey Will? Got any room on your website to archive Synology firmware, apps and packages for EoL products? Even if it’s just for a year or two there will be lots of subscribers who will be grateful you have it.

I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on primetime TV. I don’t think Will can do that, at least not without the express written consent of Synology.

In many cases, the end of vendor support for software does not automatically mean that the software is no longer protected by copyright. Copyright protection typically lasts for a certain period of time, and during that time, the rights holder (often the software developer or vendor) retains exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the work.

Even if a software product is no longer supported by the vendor, distributing or reproducing it without authorization may still infringe on the copyright holder’s rights. The fact that a vendor has stopped supporting the software doesn’t necessarily grant others the right to distribute it without permission.

I’m not a lawyer either but if you redistribute software for profit or use it as part of a product you sell (ex. you build NASs for sale and load Diskstation as the OS for the NAS), then you infringe on copyright. If you redistribute for use for a private group or club it’s not. However this could be a grey area since this is open to all for membership, so I won’t disagree that a permission from Synology would be the best approach.

Well. One thing you can do is keep a copy for yourself in a safe place. And any apps you use. In fact download all the apps for DSM 6.2.x for your model in case you want to add something later.

Way ahead of you, but thanks! I also run Win 7 on my workstations so I’m in the habit of squirreling away any free utility software before it stops supporting my OS. Thank God for Archives and Wayback Machine. MS is notorious for this, but hey, they got to sell a newer OS to generate income.

So…in light of this announcement, I have an extra DS1512+ that seems to be in reasonable working order. Once EOL occurs, since it won’t get any software updates I’m reluctant to have it exposed to the internet for critical stuff. Thoughts about what I could do with it?