DSM 7.2 full volume encryption not available on DS918+

Hi all,

I’m running a DS918+ with a DX517 and im very happy with the setup and I was exited to learn that full volume encryption is coming in DSM 7.2. However, reading through the compatibility list I realized that this feature will not be supported on my DS918+. Does anyone know if there is a technical limitation that prevents this feature to be launched on my machine?

Hmmm from a technical perspective there really should not be. The software they are using is open source so its pretty easy to adapt to whatever linux box.

If I had to guess its a combination of “we have not had the bandwidth to test the CPU of old systems” and “lets get people to buy new systems” from synology

That’s what I thought but to be honest my DS918+ is still going strong. Hence I cannot reason pumping out 600€ for a new DS just for this feature. I really hope that Synology will extend the list of compatible devices for the real rollout later this year…