DSM 7.2 Migration + Conversion to Encrypted Volume - Process?

Is there any sequence to follow that will allow upgrade to DSM 7.2 AND conversion of my volume to be a 7.2 encrypted volume?

E.G. Maybe (thinking out load here):

  1. Backup existing shared folders to external drives
  2. Backup core settings
  3. Install 7.2 clean (wipe out existing data) and setup with encrypted volume
  4. Restore old core settings onto new 7.2 install (yea, this probably isn’t something you can do)
  5. Copy back shared folder data onto new 7.2 encrypted volume.

I am hoping I don’t have to lose all my docker setups and user account data.

Is there a good way to do such a upgrade and switch to 7.2 encrypted volume?

So you actually can just delete your volume1 (after backing up all of your data of course) and that will allow you to keep all of your DSM configs as you can just create an encrypted volume1 and move everything back to it

Thanks Will, that is not too bad!

The only thing I am not sure of is all the docker stuff I have set up:
Are all the docker images going to have to be re-installed, or will they just come back and work if I restore the old data (onto the same shared folder names) in the new DSM 7.2 install?

So you will want to export the docker container, and then reimport it. That should be the easiest way.

Otherwise as long as you use the same config when you build it and point it to the same folder it should just work!

Great, thanks! I’ve been waiting for the general release so I can switch to an encrypted volume. Definitely going to try this out very soon.