DSM 7.2 RC with Full-Volume Encryption enabled--can't mount TimeMachine SMB share

Am I the only one? Time Machine sees the shared folder I told Bonjour about, but even using a Synology account with full administer privileges will not mount the share.

Used to work fine. The only difference I can see is that the volume now is labeled not just Btrfs, but also Encrypted


Thats really strange, I have not run into, but I also have not tested for. I am out for the next two weeks so I cannot test this unfortunately

Got it!

Somehow the advanced SMB option ‘Enable durable SMB handles’ in File Services had gotten unchecked–looks like it wasn’t filled in when the configuration was restored rebuilding the NAS with full volume-encryption turned on.

Normally checking ‘Enable Bonjour Time Machine broadcast via SMB’ in the File Services ‘Advanced’ tab would have automatically checked the ‘Enable durable SMB handles’ option (and a couple of other options) but ‘Enable Bonjour Time Machine broadcast via SMB’ wasn’t freshly checked–it was filled in when the configuration file was restored.

The Time Machine backup to the NAS works works fine now.