DSM 7.2, Ventura & TimeMachine giving me issues

I’m having a hard time setting TimeMachine on a mac mini running Ventura, where the destination needs to be a Synology NAS running DSM 7.2.
Initially tried over SMB, but kept getting prompts for the login to the destination (I even reset the password to be certain I have the correct info). On AFP, DSM gives me a warning it is not recommended for BigSur and above, but the TimeMachine lets me select the drive. That said, it won’t let me select a backup schedule (hourly, daily, …) or even start a backup manually. Any help is appreciated.

Hello, I would recommend active backup for business instead of timemachine, if this supports your nas

Unfortunately I can’t assist - other than to say that I am having the same issue - multiple Ventura Macs. I have given RW permission to the users for the SMB shareand have logged in - but Time Machine keeps prompting for password.

Have also created a Time Machine group and given accounts membership - group has RW to the Time Machine share - but still no go.

Still setting up my DS1621+ but have most things going now.

I used this How do I back up files from my Mac to Synology NAS using Time Machine? - Synology Knowledge Center to set up

I am using SMB (no AFP)



What you need to do is:

Control Panel > File Services > Advanced tab - under Bonjour tick enabled “bonjour Time Machine broadcast via SMB”

Ensure you select the shared folder you created for Time Machine

Then it works


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Thanks, that did the trick for me as well.