DSM showing Wordpress and php app

I have a small issue, after setting up a Client to use Synology photos only.

So it looks like I have to enable DSM, so they can have access to Synology photos on the desktop

I used to give them a URL for logging directly into Synology Photos, but that thing is huge. So now I enable DSM, they can login and then click on Synology Photos application.

So that’s not much of a big deal except enabling DSM access. Also enabled on the main menu is WordPress and PHPadmin.

I really don’t want users to even see that they have some sort of access to these applications

I checked the user profile there is no way to deny these applications from showing up. These applications don’t even show up on the user profile.

I put a ticket into Synology but, I’m sure it’s gonna be a while. I find Synology very slow and cumbersome to deal with.

Has anyone else come up with this problem?

The whole issue started with my clients, wanting to change their password after I initially gave them a temporary.

First, you do not have to give DSM access to users to allow them access to Synology Photos. In Control Panel > Login portal, configure an alias for Synology Photos, for example, ‘photo’. Now a user can log in with the regular URL/photo.

About WordPress and PHPadmin, I am surprised a non-admin has these apps in their menu. Are you sure they are not an admin?

Yes this user is just a user

Thanks for the tip on the alias, I’ll try that out tonight, the less I give access to users the better I feel

You are right about the WordPress and phpMyAdmin apps, which are available to all users. The regular controls for users and apps in Control Panel do not list these apps (DSM 7.1.1 Upd4 and 7.2 beta).

So you are running with Beda? And your confirming that this issue is still present?

That tip you gave me on the aliases, that worked so much better, so now I have remove the DMS privileges from everybody and broadcasted a new URL.

Yes, the WordPress / phpAdmin issue is still there in 7.2 beta

Just a tip:

Regarding removing DSM access to users, be careful not to remove that access from the users group, as this also affects the administrators because every user is in this group.

Create a new users group, called Family or OfficeUsers and put all users except admins in that group. Next, remove DSM privileges from the new group.

So now that user only have access to Synology Photos, they still need access to change their password.

Can changing rhier password only be done in DSM?

So I find out the only way a user can change their password, is through DSM, they cannot do it through another desktop application like Synology photos.

This means that you always have to give access to users for DSM

Now the issue comes back that users have access to WordPress and PHP admin