Dust Protection - Cheesecloth?

We have cats; want to keep the cat hair out of the NAS? Would Cheesecloth work? I saw one suggestion for 20DEN panty hose. Or is something like mesh screen better to cut and hang. 1522 isn’t metal so the magnetic strips won’t keep it on.

I found some replacement screen door material in my garage. Would seem to provide plenty of airflow and am going to test it out for cat hair.

Not sure what model you. But screen is pretty good. Also that will allow you not to run the NAS upside down. As there is a defect in design for NAS’s with motherboards on the bottoms.

1522+ - screen material is working well so far. Not sure what you mean about the motherboard on the bottom; not aware of that issue.


I always get asked in my service center. “Hey Ray, What Synology NAS model would you recommend I buy”?

And this is really hard to say. As you need to know what the application is for. If its just a backup NAS. You don’t need anything special. Better to even buy a old 1812+ or something like that for 1/5 the cost of new. As its only a backup. Nothing special there.

But of all the Synology series NAS’s. There is one I can’t deny. And the model that placed Synology as a front runner in the NAS kingdom.

The DS1815+ is probably the best overall NAS ever made for them. And its sister the DS1515+.

Now I know you’re gonna say. But “Hey. Those models have the CPU bug in them”. And that is true. But if you have the bug fixed correctly. Not with just a temporary 100ohm resistor and transistor fix. But with the real 5 parts that it truly needs for that bug. Like I do here. You have a NAS that will last 20+ years. Hands down.

Now when I get asked. What NAS NOT to buy.

I Definitely have my own opinions on that one. And I can tell you some of the new later models are part of that list. In fact the newer models make up a majority of this.

Like I would want to set them on fire and run away real quick and not look back kinda feeling.

I’m not just saying this as a pro-1815+ guy.

I mean the design of these should have never come to light.

The design I mean by not the CPU or what the NAS is capable of doing. Like the motherboards in them. No. Those are very perfect in design.

But the design of the entire product itself.

Gonna just name a few. Don’t be offended if yours is on that list.

And this is just a couple of that same design.

Like the DS1618+, DS1817+. DS1821+, DS1823xs+. And many more. Like the 5 disk versions of these.

If you get a chance go take a peek at those, and see what is wrong with the design in those. Might not be too apparent at first. But these models all have some things in common that is really really, I mean a horrible design. A design so bad. That it is a NAS death sentence waiting to happen. And a death sentence I see about 10 times a year actually. And in some cases, nothing I can do about it.

Now go take a peek then come back here and see if you spotted it. Look at it as a tech perspective first. And see where the disaster can happen and come back. Because below is the answer why this is a design that should have never been made. And is a ticking time bomb for a dead NAS.

OK Now go.

+++++++++++++La DaaaDeeee!++++++++++++ Go On!!-------------------------------------------------------------

OK. So did you find it?

Now here’s the problem with these. And I get it so much. Very sad too.

Did you notice the motherboard position?

Go check again-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Yes! This design NAS has a huge problem with motherboard location.

Who in their right mind would put a motherboard at the bottom of the NAS?

It’s like a table. And what do tables do. Collect junk. Alot of junk! Some very dangerous junk too. To give you an example. Lets say you were working around the house. Maybe you’re a carpenter. Or maybe just cleaning things around.

And your shirt also happens to collect lint, dust. Or even just in the air there is dust.

Now. Lets say you were working around the house. Even things like putting a screw in the drywall to hang a picture. As your wife asked you. Not knowing that the screw driver also happens to shed small bits of sliver like metal from the screw. You can’t even see it sometimes. On a magnetic screw driver, you will see these little things around the tip. Sheds of metal from screws.

Or lets say, your cooking. And you wrap that cake in aluminum foil. And tiny fragments of foil fly in the air and get n your shirt. You can’t even see these hardly.

And 2 hours later you go and walk past your NAS. Or even pick it up. And move it over a little to make room for a vase you want to set there next to it.

And your shirt with these tiny metal particles, happens to lose a particle that lands inside the NAS. It will too. As the FANS in these are sucking in air from the outside. Like a vacuum cleaner. And your motherboard is the filter for that vacuum.

Or what if you put your coffee cup or soda pop on top of the NAS, and you accidentally spill a little on the NAS? No biggie. Just wipe it up. All ok.

But what if just a little got in. Where is it going? Going to the lowest place it can rest on for sure. That lovely Synology motherboard table.

And that dust and particles is getting blown around maybe as the fans in the NAS are also on too. And swirling dust and particles like to get stuck in tight places when they swirl around.

So dust and debris is swirling all around in there. All collecting on that table of a motherboard. And I can tell you for sure. If any of that collects in a spot where chip legs are, or a live voltage is present to ground, or a logic level device like a CPU gets dirt or a metallic particles under it. And if oddly today is a very humid day out. Or you live near a coastal area or island.

What do you thinks going to happen?

I know! I know!!

ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz sound will start to come from the board. YES! I see this alot with these models that have motherboards on the bottom.

Like this one today. With the sizzle sound under the CPU. I can actually hear it. ZZZZzzzz!

And sure enough. There was a small metallic sliver under the edge of the CPU. And I spotted it in a dark room. All lights out. And I can see that tiny little spark. And I removed it spray and a acupuncture needle.

This board was a lucky one. And that area was just power to the CPU. Had it gotten really under the CPU and shorted any logic lines. This NAS would be parts only NAS. As CPU replacement on these isn’t easy. And is very risky to do with a BGA machine. I have one. But again. Not many even survive the BGA machines super heat well.

Now this is just my opinion. From what I see in fixes, design, and the route Synology has been taking. And knowing Synology and their design tactics. Wanting to sell more NAS’s.

They don’t like NAS’s that last more than 5 years.

YES! That is the philosophy. Because a company doesn’t make money if their product lasts too long. It needs to die so you will buy another one. And these aren’t cheap.

I have a funny feeling the guys who designed this style of NAS. Got an award. Because its a kind of design, that actually takes time to happen as debris and other things collect on that motherboard. Perfect to take time when that great warranty expires too. As times moves on just a little past the warranty too. That motherboard shorts out. And Cha Ching!! You are out buying another Synology NAS. Making Synology owners happy. And all future NAS products that are DS(Desktop) most likely will be based on this design.

I’m not a lawyer. I do have a diploma as a Paralegal. And help people with cases at times to file their own motions before a judge. And how to present themselves and be prepared. But rarely.

As my degree is in electrical engineering.( I studied for the Paralegal diploma for personal reasons only).

But I can truly say. This is a case that should be addressed. Along with the C2000 problems still being footed by the consumer at $$$… Alot!

Because I can tell you. All future NAS designs from Synology are headed this way since 2017. Motherboard table on the bottom with a built in vacuum system, and exposed to what ever the world can throw at it.

So in summary: Never buy a Synology NAS that has a motherboard on the bottom. It is a disaster waiting to happen I can tell you for sure. A disaster you have no control over too.

If you do want one. Seal it away in a filtered air box. That is the only hope for these poorly designed NAS’s.
Run the NAS upside down as all others are doing now after my post on another place.


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Can you show me where I see where the motherboard is on the bottom of the 1522+. Looks like it’s on the side to me, but I am a rookie? Thanks.

NASCAT, I have a 1522+, home user, I have never disassembled my unit so I cannot say for sure, but I seem to recall reading or hearing in one of the reviews I watched, the motherboard is located, as you face the unit, to the right of the five drive trays, directly behind the green status indicator lights. I am not at my house right now, but I would think you could take a bright flashlight and visually look through the “Synology” ventilation holes and confirm.