Encrypted folder on encrypted drive

Is there ever a scenario where an encrypted folder on an encrypted drive makes sense? Setting up a new DSM 7.2 and I’m used to creating a few encrypted folders and was like wait outside of adding a second layer of keys for someone to have to get this isn’t doing anything.

Good question.
Just installed DSM 7.2 RC, turning on full-volume encryption.
Evidently there’s no way to boot up the NAS without the encrypted volume being automatically mounted.
It’s easy to set things up so that encrypted shared folders require entering an encryption key after boot.
So right now I’m going to keep those encrypted shared folders on top of the encrypted volume and hope that the double encryption doesn’t slow things down.
Otherwise anyone with physical access to the NAS always has access to the encrypted data.

Yeah that is a good use case. Double encryption will be interesting for speed.

Well maybe it’s not as bad as I thought.

The encrypted volume will auto-mount, but the user still has to log on to the system.

And not all users have to have permission to see all folders.

So maybe that’s enough.

I still wish it was possible to require the user to enter a key to unlock the encrypted volume.

But maybe the logon credentials take the place of such a key.