Expanding storage, 1821+

First time poster here. I’m a big fan of Will, as many of you would probably agree, without his videos I think I’d be completely lost.

Anyways, I have an 1821+ with 8, 12tb drives. I’m a photographer and videographer working with a very busy country artist so we’ve filled this up quickly; just about at 70% full. So I’m going to need to expand by the end of the year most likely. Will mentioned in a video not to use the DX517 expansion units as additional storage in the same drive pool, because this would make the whole RAID be dependent on a single cable, he said to make a new storage pool instead. This all makes sense to me, but my question is: Has anyone done this before, and did you run into any issues?

Would I be able to access the files in this new storage pool just as easily as I can in the main storage pool, or is there any known limitations? I rely on my server for just about everything now, so I’d still need to easily be able to access those files, and set them up for cloudsync backups.

Thanks so much!

Hey David,

Fellow photographer here…I am a similar situation…1821+ with 83TB available storage on my V1, about 62% used at this point.

I am starting to look at options for the expansion unit.

Hoping someone jumps in with some guidance/advice or experience.

You posted in Sep 2023…any luck adding the DX 517…



Although I have no experience with any expansion unit like the DX517, the setup and use are straightforward.
Connect the unit to the NAS, place the drives, create a storage pool and volume in Storage Manager, and create shared folders with Control Panel (select the right volume).
You won’t notice any difference from your computer. However, performance may be slower, so you could consider putting archived data on the expansion unit and using the volume in the main unit for daily work.