External USB Disconnecting Issues

I’m using a Seagate USB drive to backup my 1821+ but the drive keeps disconnecting and I have to unplug it and plug it back in. This happens every few days. Does anyone have any thoughts on what’s happened?’


According to reports on the web, there is an option to disable USB Hibernation in

Control Panel > Hardware & Power > HDD Hibernation

But some users are also reporting that this doesn’t help, i.e. the external USB drives keep disconnecting. Why? I couldn’t find anything. Too little power over USB? Then the external USB drive would need a dedicated power source. External HDD overriding any “stay-alive” commands/operations coming from the Synology via USB, and going to sleep anyway? Then Synology’s DSM might be the problem, i.e. it can’t keep the USB drive available… or it’s even a Synology hardware issue.

Personally I would use an external USB enclosure with its own power supply and a physical on/off power switch, which I would always leave in the on position. Then I’d control the disk with a smart socket: after the backup has finished, run a shell script to unmount the disk’s volume, then send a command over the network to the smart socket to kill the enclosure’s power supply… and before a new backup starts, run a shell script to enable the power supply, then wait for the drive to mount, and if it doesn’t auto-mount, force-mount it… then run the backup task.

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Thanks! I’ll trying the HDD Hibernation setting. It’s a powered drive so it’s not relying on USB for power so hopefully the HDD Hibernation does the trick.

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