Failed HyperBackup to remote NAS

Since April 30th, my Hyper Backup to a remote Synology NAS is no longer working. I’ve got an “Off-line” error message.
I did browse the web to find a solution, and (un)fortunatelly only discovered that I’m not the only one facing this serious problem!
So should Rex or one of you know how to address this issue, you are more than welcome to help me.
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So if its off-line one of a few things happened:

  • The remote NAS might just be off
  • The public IP may have changed on the remote NAS (without DDNS)
  • If you were using port forwarding the hyperbackup port may no longer be forwarded (check if the private IP changed)

Hi Will

Thanks for your inputs.

First things I checked (as well as other Web reported issues owners did) but they do not explain the problem.

In my case, I backup a DS718+ to an off-site DS223j through Tailscale.

I launched a backup while being connected remotely to the DS223j, and the backup failed with an “Off-line” error message too.

This morning, a Tailscale update was available for both NAS and did install it without any improvement.

A “Synology Application Service” update was also available for the DS718+ and did install it without any improvement.

Issue happened when moth NAS where running " DSM 7.2.1-69057 Update 4" update to " 7.2.1-69057 Update 5" did not improve.

As explained, I’m not the only one facing such a major issue, some reported similar concerns in the same time frame with both NAS on the same network.

So, any inputs are more than welcome.

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You need to make sure you have the Tailscale boot up script running. You may also need to reboot both NAS units.

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Bboth NAS rebooted… and it works.
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I’m having a similar problem. I’ve been going round and round an round with OEM. No solutions yet. My problem started (I think) when I added a 10gb NIC to both NAS units. They are hard wired to each other. NO switch, NO gateway. Doesn’t work worth a crap. I think it is a programmatical problem. Snapshot works flawlessly. It appears that even though they are on a totally different subnet and I’m trying to use that high speed NIC, it still is insisting on looking to the other subnet gateway. ? You didn’t add a NIC did you? Maybe the latest update borked it and I didn’t realize it.

I did nothing special. The HyperBackup stopped working without any reasons and without any updates.
I had previously rebooted both NAS one by one without improvements.
This time I rebooted them simultaneously… and by chance(?) it has worked.
Lets see if it keeps working.