Fastest Write Speeds - How?

I have a Synology NAS in my home office, connected to my MacBook Pro using gigabit Ethernet networking.

I’m a photographer, so I frequently dump 50 to 150 gigabytes onto the NAS at a time. I want the fastest write speeds possible, which is why I’m using the hardwired Ethernet cable.

What is the fastest way to copy files? I can mount the Synology as an SMB partition, or I can drop folders using the Mac Finder using a web browser and File Station. Currently, it seems fastest if I use File Station and the Firefox browser, but I’d like to know the fastest way to transfer 10+ GB of files to the Synology, without upgrading to 10G Ethernet.


I am new within the week to Synology. I am currently moving files myself for my media server. What speeds are you currently achieving? I am currently getting Read of 210Mb/s with my setup and wondering for comparison