Files not visible in Mac SMB

Hi all,

Just moved the contents of various Mac formated harddrives on my new DS1522+. After the copy, there are a few folders, the contents of which are visible under DSM, but not through SMB (Finder) on my Mac. I tried connecting to SMB both with my normal NAS user account and my admin account.

I found this article, but couldn’t try it because I’m probably not typing in the path properly. This is it: smb://BUCKET._smb._tcp.local/Projects/2017 - Astro/E. Dist. Also tried: /Projects/2017 - Astro/E. Dist, with and without “”. There are many other similar folders that work normally.

Any ideas?

There seem to be spaces in the folder name. You can escape the spaces by preceding with a backslash character or putting the entire line between quotes.

You can also remove spaces in the path with File Station.