Getting a DLNA (media) connection across VLANs

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This is my first post. I’ve been watching Will and a few others on YouTube and got a lot of good information and lots of future plans for my network. I have a question to everyone out there who has set up a VLAN and has experience with cross VLAN DLNA connectivity. First a quick backstory.
I am in the process of setting up my VLAN. I’m using a “Router on a Stick” setup. I have a Synology RT2600ac and a Linksys LGS528 L2 managed switch. I set up three new VLANS beyond the default primary and guest subnets. I moved all of my printers, my 2 TVs and a BluRay player to my IoT network. I moved my wife’s MBP and my Dell Desktop to a network I call “Secure” and I have a third network called “Storage” where I plan to migrate my 4 Synology NAS’s (a DS207 yep, still kicking, DS213, DS720+ and a DS923+ that I just bought but have not setup yet). The 3 connected NAS’s are still on my primary subnet,; and so is my Dell Laptop where I do all of my network admin. Before the VLAN I could use my NAS to play my music and video libraries to my BluRay or TVs. After moving my 2 TVs and BluRay to the IoT I can’t get a DLNA connection to my media devices. I can send print jobs from any other subnet to the printers (also in IoT) but I can’t play a movie. Has anyone been able to get their movies & mp3’s stored on their Synology NAS to play on their media devices when the NAS is in one subnet and the media devices are in another? There’s more to the story but for now I just need to know if it’s possible. Thanks!!


I’m pondering the same problem. There’s a thread I posted with a bit of detail in it, but no solution so far.
Hope it helps.

This may not the most helpful, but every bit helps…

I tried smoothing similar temporarily for another reason DNLN over VPN … I didn’t have a sophisticated enough router to enable ports through VPN for DLNA …

First DLNA is not a bulletproof technology. Make sure your router and/or switch has the appropriate ports and multicasting set up across your Vlans. Make sure the following ports (double check as it been a while) 9001,50001 & 50002 of the media server are open across your Vlans. And of course make sure your devices can see each other. You may have to create a rule to punch a hole through you router/switch. Set up a rule based on Mac addresses as punching a hole may defeat the hole purpose of setting up your Vlans .

If you can use the NAS’s second ethernet port that might be easier. Easy being a very relative term …
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Ports are open. Firewall rules are in place and Wireshark shows that router and media player are communicating. No communication between NAS and media player. The NAS I’m using is a DS213. There is no 2nd LAN port but when NAS and media player are in the same subnet everything works fine. I actually tried that with my DS720+. One interface is in my default subnet (192.168.1.x) and the other in IoT. No connectivity through DLNA.