Google Domains is Shutting Down - What registrar should I switch to?

Google has shut down their domain service and are selling off all of their assets to Squarespace. Google domains was awesome, especially for the price. Looks like I need a new place to stick and my other domains!

What registrar does everyone else use?

Not a “power user”, but I have no complaints with namecheap.

I used InMotion Hosting ( and find them very reliable and great tech support 24/7 … phone and chat. Although my current website is very bare bones and neglected, I have had a more robust website with my previous business in the past. All websites were built with straight from the back end. InMotionHosting helped me originally when I transferred my domains over to their platform. They are worth considering reasonable priced and could be used for domain only.

Thanks for the info!

I really dont need too much, just good DNS

I also use Google Domains and am gonna give Square Space Domains a chance. I haven’t done much research to see what other good options are out there if Square Space isn’t all that stellar.

For me the thing that I am worried about with Square Space is that they are a hosting location, where they want you to host your website with them. Just a bit worried they are not going to be super friendly for people hosting their own records not associated with square space.

I may just jump straight to AWS

FWIW, I use Cloudflare. They had the lowest cost for a multi-year domain name.

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Was thinking about cloudflare! My biggest question was if they had full API access and things like that


I haven’t had the need to play with the DNS API but there is one.

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I’ve used and been happy with

Cloudflare offers the lowest prices.
However, they force you to use their nameservers for domains registered with them.
I love and use Cloudflare, but don’t like that policy.

So, my N01 choice for years has been Porkbun.
Good prices (not as low as Cloudflare, but lower than Namecheap - which is also very good), good support (for the odd occasion one needs support from a domain registrar), and stable service (far from an untested fly-by-night provider).

All the pros and cons in detail regarding Porkbun (they did have some abuse-policy problems and that’s fair to note, even though I’ve never had any problems):