Google Photos to Synology Photos Migration Issues

I’m trying to migrate my photos from Google Photos to Synology Photos and really struggling. I can do the export from Takeout just fine, but I end up with 27 50GB zipped folders. I have 7TB of space on the NAS but only 1TB SSD on my computer (macbook M1 Pro). I can’t download all the folders at once because I don’t have enough room. But Google seems to be splitting every single photo album across multiple zipped download files, so they folders have to be unzipped and then merged before I upload them to Synology Photos. But I can’t do them all at once because I don’t have enough space.

Anyone have any creative ideas? Could I just unzip the download files, upload them to File Station and then merge in File Station? Can you do folder merges there? Then I could combine them all and then transfer them over to the Photos folder.

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Well, I should read the whole question.
One possibility would be to connect usb stick / external disk directly to the NAS.

The way you have described it also works. All the functions actually required for this can be found in File Station. Due to the large amount of data, however, I would recommend transferring it via a directly connected medium.

Yeah, so my plan was to try transferring all 1.3ish TBs of zipped files to File Station and then unzipping and merging there. But I only see the skip and overwrite option. Is there a merge function where it will match up and combine folders with the same names? Because insanely, Google splits albums across several download files and then you have to re-combine them somehow. And I don’t have room on my computer hard drive to do that. Without going out and buying multi-TB external drive, of course.

If you have an external SSD / USB and can connect it to your phone, you can upload the files manually via the synology photo app. It is also possible to upload smaller packages individually, even in the same folder, for example “image backup google”. The temporal sorting / folder structure then makes synology Photo.

I did not see this! I probably should subscribe to Synology on YT lol

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I did figure this out. I was being a bit of a dunce. I didn’t realize I could just upload the zipped files to File Station, unzip them all there and copy them to a folder under Synology Photos. That worked and I got all my photos transferred and imported into Synology Photos.