[Graphs Broken] Just upgraded to TrueNAS SCALE 22.12.2 and the graphs are broken

Just upgraded my TrueNAS SCALE build to 22.12.2, and after the upgrade the reports are not longer starting. Has anyone else seen this issue? I was messing around with a couple of things, so don’t know if I did it, or the upgrade.

Hey @Will can you double check your timezone and clock settings? I had the same issue post install that went away after I reset my timezone.

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Thanks! It turned out all I needed to do was wait. After like 30 min I noticed everything just came back in. I am not sure if there was a background process going on that was upgrading the graphs or anything like that!

Thanks for the help though!


I ended up rolling back to 20.12.0, as I was having tons of issues similar to what these guys had:


and everything is ok again! I wonder if it was a DNS issue because I also am running my own DNS servers locally

Weird, I haven’t seen any weird issues but admittedly I only use my truenas scale box as a hyperbackup s3 bucket for the 1621.

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