Guidance on photography workflow and setting up new Synology?

I have watched several of Will’s videos on setting up a Synology and utilizing Lightroom as part of the workflow. I notice that he says he puts all the RAW files in a single folder. I have always createdd a folder for each specific photo event, then in that folder created a folder called RAW and put all the RAW files from that event in there. I was wondering how well it works trying to find a specific event when everything is in a single folder? Did I hear him correct that this is the way he does it? Do you find events by adding keywords or IPTC template data to photos?

Does anyone have a quick reference sheet on how to setup a photography work flow for using a Synology as your main storage/archive for photography?

For example I usually setup my folders like this:


Then under it I would have a folder called RAW, 1 called CULLED and one called EDITS or DENOISED, etc.

I am sure there are better ways to get organized. Any guidance, suggestions etc. are greatly appreciated.

I am purchasing a new Synology and want to set it up the best most efficient way from the beginning before our busy season gets started in the next few weeks. Thank you!

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