Have to reboot NAS when I reboot my Mac

I have a DS1522+ connected directly to a Mac Studio via Ethernet cable. IP address is configured manually and I am using SMB to mount the NAS. Whenever I reboot my Mac, the SMB connection fails until I reboot the NAS. Any idea how to avoid this?

P.S. Thanks for this forum as well as the helpful videos!

Glad you like the forums!

So that is something that I really have never seen before. When you are manually configuring the NAS for the direct connection did you follow the steps in this video:

The other thing to make sure is that the 10GbE network that you setup between your computer is on a different subnet then your main network. Also disable jumbo frames on both machines.

yes–that video was actually how I got it working successfully after multiple fruitless conversations with Synology Tech Support!!

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Here are my settings. I connect to the NAS via smb://
My main network is Wifi but looks like that has the same subnet mask.

I also have the NAS connected to my Wifi router so I can access it via the Internet. If I just used the Ethernet connection, SynologyAssistant didn’t see the NAS and none of the “connected” features worked.

I don’t know if there was a reason for this but looks like I have the gateway for the NAS set as the Mac’s IP address. Is that the problem?

Just noticed that and absolutely that must be the issue. Set that to

changed that but didn’t fix the problem. Still had to restart the NAS after I rebooted the Mac.

After you reboot the mac, do a ping to the and see what it says

ping shows packets transmitted & received for
(although I accidentally entered first and that also pinged successfully)

SynologyAssistant is also seeing it

What is your main LAN? There must be something overlapping with the direct connection.

Is this what you mean?


Something really weird is going on if the responded. Because you were on a subnet.

Do you have any funky static routes in your router?

Nothing I’ve ever set up

One more data point (don’t know what it means, though)…my Internet went out today and it resulted in the disconnection of my NAS at

Hmmm, there is definitely something messed up with your routes on your network. I would look into any custom configurations you have setup on your router

Reviving this topic…I don’t have anything custom set up. Cable modem connected to Linksys router.

Something definitely is not set up right:
I am not getting 10gig speeds from Mac to the NAS and if I enter the NAS IP address in Safari as in the video, I get an error page. But SMB connection in the finder to that IP address mounts the drive.

I do have the NAS LAN1 connected via Ethernet cable to one of the ports on the Linksys router because without doing that I couldn’t connect to the NAS via Quickconnect and couldn’t load any packages.