Helo with Synology and Syncthing

I have two ds218+ (ds 7.1) unis and 2 truenas scale boxes. I want to be able to use syncthing on synology to sync to the truenas box but I have been unable to get docker permissions to work and I then tried the synocommunity add on and even after reading on both docker and add on package I can’t get the permissions right. Anyone successfully has done either and maybe a write up or some documentation I can look at further? Thank you

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Which side have you been having trouble getting the permissions to work? Are the files not showing up in the Synching docker container? If so you may need to run the container as a specific user on the Synology that has that permission. Generally these are set with UID and GID docker environmental variables, but it changes based on the docker container

Hello, thank you for replying.
when I create the “share” in the syncthing gui I get this error:
Failed to create folder marker: open /volume1/homes/username/Photos: permission denied

Error on folder “photos” (photos): open /volume1/homes/username/Photos: permission denied

This basically happens with both docker and the synocommunity package.

I hava a folder under my home folder which contains my pictures and I have given read and write access to the folder so the synology package can get access to it. But I am not sure if I am doing that wrong - rather I know I am

You are saying that I can assign a user to the docker container? I have to create a user and then use the UID from that user and apply it to the cointainer?

I just installed docker again and this is the error I get:

2023-08-07 15:52:49: Failed to create folder root directory mkdir /volume1: permission denied

2023-08-07 15:52:49: Error on folder “photos-full-open” (photo-full-open): folder path missing

The fodler path is as follows: