HELP, I am quickly running out of storage!

I have been running a DS1520+ for several years with 4 4TB drives. For the longest time, I was using around half of my storage to back up three PCs and a Mac. I am using HyperBackup to backup my DS1520+ to an older NAS in another town.

Now I am at 84% and growing. My first problem is that, months apart, I accidentally set up backup for the three PCs using both Synology Drive AND Active backup for Business. My bad. Then, from a Space Rex YouTube video, I discovered snapshots. I think both actions is killing my storage. I want to use Synology Drive for a private cloud but I dare not until this all gets cleared up.

  1. Which backup version is preferable for a home user? AB or Synology Drive?

  2. How can I get back my storage since I turned on snapshots? Today, I deleted one of the three PCs since it is no longer in use but my storage is still at 84%.

  3. in what sequence should I make my changes?

Thank you so much!