Help me to Choose NAS for (Home Office Only) in Q3 2024

I already own DS224+ DiskStation® DS224+ | Synology Inc., with 8 TB each bay strictly & specifically for Family Photo & Video only, usually use with Photos Mobile apps, and Editing Photo with RAW File in Synology Drive.

Plan to buy new NAS specifically for Family Home Office - which includes small company file, company work file, professional file.

(Not to be confuse with personal file, which I plan to buy another one).

Any suggestion hardware? Asustor or QNAP or Synology again?
I am thinking of using different brand for different state of mind when dealing with work vs family stuff vs personal stuff.

How many people will access it: Family - 4 Member, 2 Staff.
File types: PDF. text, spreadsheet, presentation, some pic.

How big is the current storage so far: - Minimum already have 5 TB file for current file (period of 5 years)