[HELP]TrueNAS OpenVPN Client Setup Issue

Hi guys, thanks for clicking into this post and I could really use some help here 'cause I don’t know what’s going on here… So a little bit of back story.

I have a Synology DS1821 connect to my ASUS router at location A, on the ASUS router I have the OpenVPN server open and is working perfectly fine, my iPhone and my laptop can all connect to my router from outside.
A while ago I wished to have anther copy of my file at another location, B, on a totally differnt network and IP. So I bought a Synology DS920+ as a backup solution, uploaded the OVPN into DSM and it just worked. Recently I sold that DS920+ and built another TrueNAS system as an upgrade but I somehow can’t get the VPN connection to work, both CORE and SCALE.
Frist I follow the official guide like everyone else:

Configuring a 3rd Party VPN service on TrueNAS

Then, at the OpenVPN client setup page this would just popup:

So I started to see if there are people like me on reddit, then I landed on this post:
Which also took me to this page:

But the solution mentions creating a OpenVPN config under mnt, which I have totally no idea how.

Also, below is the redected version of my OVPN file:

remote <MY IP> <MY PORT>
proto tcp-client
dev tun
sndbuf 0
rcvbuf 0
keepalive 10 30

# for OpenVPN 2.4 or older
comp-lzo yes
# for OpenVPN 2.4 or newer
;compress lzo

auth SHA1
cipher AES-128-CBC
remote-cert-tls server


# Update client certificate and key if necessary




If I can’t get this to work I guess I’ll have to just get another Synology and sell this system…
Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.

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