Home User - Offsite NAS to NAS backup

I’m trying to create an off site backup of my NAS using Active Backup DSM but I noticed that it doesn’t copy over the contents of the ActiveBackupForBusiness folder from the source NAS. I need these to be offsite incase I lose everything at the primary site. Is there an option to include this somehow?

If you’re backing up a physical to a physical, you could install Active Backup for DSM and that’ll backup everything on Synology A to Synology B.

I personally prefer to use Synology Drive Sync to backup my data, have a site to site VPN and backup computers natively to both locations or backup computers in location A to Synology A and then use another backup method to backup elsewhere so I don’t have all my eggs in one basket. Remember the 3, 2, 1 rule. 3 copies, 2 technologies and 1 off-site.

I’ve my Synology A and B sync’d, my computers at site A and B backing up to each and then my computers backing up using a Cloud platform my business sells to a DC in Sydney and I can do file level or bare metal recovery like time machine or active backup.

I am using Active Backup for DSM, it does seem to back everything up from Synology A to Synology B except for the contents of the ActiveBackupForBusiness folder. When I look into the backup the folder is empty.

Have you tried Drive Sync on that folder? I can’t recall if it can or can’t do that folder. Even then, not sure if you’ll have issues with the data on NAS B