Homelab Basic Security Monitor App Options

Hello self hosting friends, I’m running proxmox and a number of vm’s externally using cloudflare tunnels on my UDMpro network. I really like the tunnels and application rules to limit access or access via email codes for when I’m away from my standard IPs.

I know netdata and other report or log tools (like Prometheus and Zabbix) can also be configured but i’m seeking something more basic and simple. I’m hoping there’s a simple docker app tool like a Uptime Kuma (simple to use and understand) for network monitoring just to highlight when someone or something is knocking or accessing something in a way that would alert me to be aware and investigate. I know my unifi os alerts to blocked threats, but i’m looking for a little more detail but not at a level yet for knowing which security detections are really something to jump on. I even tried crowdsec and felt I wasn’t prepared to understand this well enough to keep it running or even know I’d covered my bases with the right bouncer etc.

Any Ideas for simple detection app that would help me confirm my network intrusion prevention is all working properly? Or is there a workflow for monitoring cloudflare events that would be a good security routine?

If not an app, what’s a good routine or workflow that others use for their high level confidence that they don’t have anything suspicious occurring in your self hosted realm?

Edit: typo and added question for beyond app monitoring best practices.

I figured I’d post a reply as this solution video seems to be a fit for what I’d originally asked the community here and I intend to implement TICK stack.

From Brandon Lee’s video:
“The TICK stack is an app stack that contains containers that can collect, monitor, and visualize monitoring data in a time series database. We are going to look at server monitoring with a TICK stack and Grafana and see how you can install, configure, and start monitoring your environment.”

I’m also using Wazuh Agents for vulnerability overview and while that was a little challenging to get working, it’s also a valuable monitoring tool.