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So im running 2 NAS Devices. The mission is to keep them both the same. This helps met when I Run into trouble with one and I can Switch to another- This also Is and Extra Backup for me… So I have the 2 - Both 4 Hard Drives.

I Have about 15 Users and each User Has its own Share. I use 2 of the 4 Hard Drives for this files. Syncing the 2 NAS with Synology Share Sync.

Then I run a Hyper Backup Set Of each Nas to the other 2 Hard Drives in Each. So So in Total I have all Files SYNCING between the 2 and each runs it own Backup Set on The devices…

I was wondering? What do you think of this setup? Is this a good one. Is there Maybe a better one. Reason for me not Running one and Baking up to the other Is that I then Dont Have one which I can Quickly Swich to. I sometimes also Spread the usage of the users. I put some users on the one server and others on the other…

I Think I have 3 Other Concerns\Questions -

  • I would Love Another last Backup Set? Necessary? Considering a OFFSITE NAS (Will maybe be bit expensive - Or what about Cloud Backup. iDrive looks like the only affordable one for my roundabout 20TB.

  • What about Synology DRIVE Versioning? Mine is Off? Is this necessary? How does it differ from my Backups? Should I have Hyperbackup and Versions?

  • I AM VEEEERY Irrrritated with the fact that I cant Dave\Put each users Photos In there Share Folderr. Syn Forces it to the Homes Folders Right? Now what? Im Syncing All shared folders between the 2 devices, Running Backup Set for Each under there name\Share… Should I SYNC Home Folders? Anyway I can Backup Each Users Photos with there Files. Can I Run Synology Photos on Both Servers and all detail will be the same. How can I Sync\Backup Synology Photos.

Sorry for EVERYTHING in ONE Post… Excited about this portal and this is my Current Concerns on my Setup… Hope it can be of help to someone?

Hi - Sorry I know this is alot in one post… But would Love to get any feedback

Firstly, would love to clarify some things and get a bit more specific.

What model NAS are they?

Given that you’ve two sets of two drives, I assume you’re running them in Mirror RAIDs? How large are the drives? All four in both units the same size?

The 15 users, assuming these are employees?

Synology Drive Sync is two way? Have you had issues with anyone modifying the same file on different a different NAS at the same time?

You’ve also then got each NAS doing a Hyper Backup to the other on the second set of drives, are these NAS located in the same location or different physical buildings?

I’m a bit confused about what you’re really irritated about at the start of point three, could you please re-explain to me? Also, assuming these are employees, what type of company is it and what kind of data/IT policies do you have in place?

Once I’ve the above answers, I’ll do my best to answer as best as I can for you :slight_smile:

Also, feel free to add an additional details that any of my questions might make you think is relevant.


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Hi - Thank you for your reply… I see now that my detail is a bit confusing. I think I will make seperate\ New Post with more specific Questions

Anytime. If you get stuck on how best to ask anything, you’re always welcome to IM me.