How about a detailed tutorial for photographers who want to use a USB drive backup?

Thank you to SpaceRex for making such informative videos. The videos helped me get my Synology DS923+ 16GB SHR set up.

I remember in one of the videos that you stressed getting an external drive for backup as a high priority, and that seems like an excellent option for me, as I am a hobby photographer with many GB of photos.

I don’t need daily backups, rapid recovery, or cloud storage as much as I need affordable bulk capacity.

Using an external drive for occasional backup and storing it offsite, as I have in the past still seems like the best option for my use case.

After I got the 923+ RAID setup and populated it with my photo collection I bought an extra 16GB drive and dock and watched the videos dedicated to backup.

What I found is that the recommendation for using the external USB drive is marginalized because it takes discipline to make useful backups, while many of the advanced backup methods are discussed in greater detail.

I am confused about what the best method would be for me to keep a backup mirror on an external drive.

I have used 3rd party folder comparisons run on my personal computer for a long time to manage the synchronization, but have been looking forward to using some of the DSM apps to handle the occasional synchronization of my NAS and External drive.

I have one large directory on my NAS named PHOTOS, and I want to end up with a duplicate of the same PHOTOS directory on my external drive.

I am writing to ask you to consider making a detailed video comparing and contrasting Hyperbackup and USBCopy in the context of creating and maintaining an external mirror that reflects additions, deletions, and changes to data stored on the NAS.

The video “How to set up your NAS” with the screenshots and recommendations was a great help. A video with similar detail, dedicated to the needs of a hobby photographer would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

I forgot to mention, that I would rather use the asset managers I am familiar with than adopt the Synthology Photos app. I have lots of different RAW formats, DNGs, Tifs, JPEGs etc.

I am primarily interested in understanding the differences, in detail, between using Hyperback or USB copy to create and maintain a backup mirror.

Thank you!

I reposted the OP in the YouTube section after seeing the suggestion to post request there.

I’d be pleased if this thread was deleted.

Thank you!