How can i connect via 10gbE directly to the NAS

Hi there.
I have the DS1522+ with the 10gbE NIC installed. I have it connected to a router with a 1gbE cable and i also have it connected directly to my PC with the 10gbE.
The problem is that in DSM i can see the two LANS connected with Static IP (that i’ve set up) but the NAS is connecting only with the first IP via Chrome so the transfer speeds i get are 1gbE limited.
How can i make my PC and NAS see each other through the 10gbE?
As i said, i’ve connected the NAS directly to the PC via 10gbE and the NAS to the router via 1gbE.
Do i need a 10gbE switch? Since i’m the only PC accessing the NAS?
Did I miss something?

I think you may need the switch. I have it working with a switch. I am using the Netgear GS110MX. I am not experienced to know enough to say you can have it work without the switch.

I do know in DSM 7.2 under Networking there is a place to put the order of the LAN connections. That could fix it for you as well but I don’t know if that alone will.

So its actually pretty easy to do!

Basically you just want to create a static subnet that both the NAS and the PC’s 10GbE cards are on, and use that IP when connecting in windows file explorer. I cover it in this video:

For windows: if you assigned the NAS to then in windows file explorer you would type \\ and you would know it has to go down the 10GbE connection, as that is the only place where that IP exists

I also setup a static address and direct connected. 10GB autonegotiates on that card so you dont need a special reversed cable. However one thing I havent sorted out is why I cant connect to the NAS when my mac is also connected to WIFI. I have to turn off WIFI on my macbook to connect to the NAS??

The only reason I could see this being possible is if you setup the static IP on the direct connection on the same subnet as your main LAN. Otherwise the subnet should only be accessible via the direct connection. Making wifi irrelevant

Will, so sorry about this, but I’m really struggling getting my DS1621+ to stay connected via 10gbe.

I have done exactly what you’ve said in the video above;

Lan 5 on static IP address; w/ subnet mask of
Mac Studio static ethernet port on; w/subnet mask

I am also hardwiring my mac studio in to my router via ethernet / thunderbolt adapter.

If I sense that my NAS isn’t giving me the performance it should, I run a disk speed test - it’s always maxing out at 100mbs read/write speed, so I know my computer has decided to connect to my NAS via thunderbolt adapter (or wifi?)

As soon as I unplug the thunderbolt ethernet adapter, it forces my computer to use the 10gbe ethernet cable and I run the disk speed test and get 400mbs read/write speed.

As soon as I plug the thunderbolt/ethernet adaptor in for internet, my mac studio favours that connection rather than the 10gbe connection and gives me 100mbs read/write speed again.

This thunderbolt port uses DHCP, has an IP address of 192.168.x.x and is on subnet mask

Is the issue here that the internet is on the same sub mask as my 10gbe card?

When I type in into my browser I can connect to my NAS.

Also, unsure whether this is the problem, but I also use a VPN. No idea where this comes in to the equation.

I am confused.

Thank you so much for your help.

You should use different dedicated subnet between your 10G interface and the Synology 10G connection to avoid this behavior.

An example to connect your macOS to Synology DS1621+:

  1. macOS LAN (10gb) <---- dedicated LAN cable----> Synology 10gb
  2. macOS Thunderbolt Adapter <----LAN—> NetworkSwitch <---- InternetRouter / Synology …

For connection 1 define network:
ip macOS = mask
ip synology = mask

For connection 2 define different network:
ip macOS WLAN / thunderbolt adapter = DHCP (e.g. from 192.168.100.x)
ip synology = 192.168.100.y

If you connect from macOS to Synology - you have to connect to to use the 10G line.
(e.g. Finder → Apple + K → smb://…)

But if this is not possible and you network interfaces are sharing the same subnet,
you have to setup the order of your network adapters in macOS.

  • click on the top left corner at the apple logo
  • select “system settings”
  • in the left sidebar choose “network”
  • open the action menu by clicking on the 3 dots and select change order network interfaces
    Ensure that your 10G interface adapter is listed at the top of the list.
    macOS will go through that list and start with the adapter listed on the top …

In the Synology DSM you can open the Ressource-Monitor, then click on “network”.
If you copy big file from or to the Synology, then you can see wich LAN interface is used in on the Synology to receive or sent out the data.
Please also check the speed twice. Once for a copy TO the NAS and another one from the NAS.

In case you are not successfully,
please could you share the following output from your macOS “terminal”
ifconfig -a inet

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Hey Will–If I use the technique you describe in your video to connect my MBP to my DS923+ using the OWC TB–>10GBE adapter and the Synology 10GBE card in the NAS, can I then connect the DS923+ to my cable modem using one of the 2 available 1GB ethernet ports on the NAS, or will I need a switch to do this? I already own the OWC 10GBE adapter and I mainly am concerned about having 10GBE connection between the MBP and the NAS for transfer of image files quickly between them. Thanks so much for your help and all your wonderful videos!